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Reverse Consolidation Loans

A reverse consolidation loan is actually another cash advance that provides an umbrella of sorts above the existing cash advances.  The reverse will not provide a lump sum up front like a regular cash advance and will instead deposit the exact amount needed to pay all existing advances into the company bank account on a weekly basis.  The business then makes a payment that is typically about 30% lower than what they had been paying to the new lender.

This is a good option for a company that needs a moderate reduction in payments.  It does come at a substantial cost, however, because the payments on the reverse continue after the underlying MCAs have been repaid.  Antson will help you to measure this cost if you are a candidate for a reverse so you can see if it makes sense for you.

Term Consolidation Loans

This is an excellent option for larger companies (minimum annual revenue approximately $1M) that want to refinance their cash advances with monthly term loan. Typically, companies pursuing this option also obtain a small amount of fresh capital as part of the consolidation loan. Some of the loans run for 18-months with a 36-month amortization schedule and others run for 3-years with a 5-year amortization schedule. These longer amortization schedules create a payment that is much lower than the current cash advance debt service, but they also create a balloon at the end of the period.  Assistance is provided financing this balloon with a more traditional bank product at that later point in time.

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