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What is Loan Restructure?

Cash advances are typically very short term in length with a payback amount that is much larger than the initial funding. These payback amounts are determined by the “factor” of the cash advance which is stated in numerical terms as the number one followed by a decimal point and two more decimal places.

Example: A $100K loan with a factor of 1.45 means that the company receives $100K but pays back $145K ($100k X the factor). The payments are determined both by the factor as well as the term.  So if this MCA is to be repaid in four-months (16 weeks), the payments will be $9,062.50 per week ($145k/16 wks). Whereas if the terms was a full year, the weekly payments necessary to pay $145K would be a much lower amount of $2788.

Loan restructure involves working with cash advance companies to agree upon a different set of terms that will enable the company to make affordable payments. Typically, payment reductions range from 50% - 70%.

The cost of the restructure is embedded in the revised lower payment schedule. Antson will work with you so that you understand all aspects of a potential loan restructure. Companies need to have at least $50K in cash advance or other unsecured debt to be eligible for this service.

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