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Sometimes the cure becomes the problem…

Businesses take out merchant cash advances (MCAs) to resolve working capital issues. These obligations are aggressively marketed and are actually purchases of future sales. This means that they are not technically loans which are governed by the rules regarding the maximum amount of interest that may be charged. As a result, MCA payments (made weekly or daily) are extraordinarily high and can quickly become unaffordable.


Then the cycle of borrowing begins…

The first MCA often leads to a second, and the second to a third. Soon the amount of debt and the related payments are both staggering and unaffordable. The business owner is overwhelmed and experiencing dramatically reduced cash flow caused by the drain of making high MCA payments.


So how can Antson help…

Antson has partnered with a group of companies that specialize in different small business debt solutions.  These partners either restructure cash advance debt, provide consolidation loans to refinance cash advance debt, or help to reorganize the company to eliminate these unaffordable MCAs.  Antson’s job is to perform the initial assessment in order to determine the best solution for a particular business.  To do that, potential clients need to submit six months of bank statements and copies of all MCA agreements to

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